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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 19, ELECTIONS

    Chapter 31: Registration required to vote

      Section: 19:31-11: Change of residence notice.

19:31-11. a. In all counties within the State, change of residence notices shall be made by a written request, signed by the registrant, forwarded to the commissioner by mail, and actually received by the commissioner, or by calling in person at the office of the commissioner or the municipal clerk. The commissioner shall provide change of residence notices in card form for the use of any registered voter moving to another address within the same election district or to another election district within the same county. Copies of these notices shall also be available at the office of the municipal clerk in each municipality. Each municipal clerk shall transmit daily to the commissioner all the filled out change of residence notices that may be in the municipal clerk's office at the time. These notices shall be printed upon cards, shall contain a blank form showing where the applicant last resided and the address and exact location to which the applicant has moved and shall have a line for the applicant's signature, printed name and date of birth. Upon receipt of such change of residence notice the commissioner shall cause the signature to be compared with the registration forms of the applicant and, if such signature appears to be of and by one and the same legal voter, the commissioner shall cause the entry of the change of residence to be made on those registration forms and the registrant shall thereupon be qualified to vote in the election district to which the registrant shall have so moved. If the commissioner is not satisfied as to the signature on the request for a change of residence, a confirmation notice as prescribed by subsection d. of R.S.19:31-15 shall be sent by mail with postage prepaid to the registrant at the new address.

The application for change of residence shall be filed with the commissioner or municipal clerk, as the case may be, on or before the 21st day preceding any election.

b. In any county any voter who, prior to an election, shall move within the same county after the time above prescribed for filing an application for change of residence without having made application for change of residence, or who has not returned a confirmation notice sent to the voter by the commissioner of registration of the county, if such a notice has been sent to the voter, or who has not moved since the previous election but whose registration information is missing or otherwise deficient, or has otherwise failed to notify the commissioner of registration of the voter's change of address within the county, shall be permitted to vote in that election in the district to which the voter has moved, upon making a written affirmation regarding the change of address at the polling place of the district in which the voter resides on the day of the election. No identifying document shall be required from the voter for this affirmation. A district board member shall provide the voter with a provisional ballot, and an envelope with an affirmation statement that conforms with the requirements for such documents contained in subsection b. of section 7 of P.L.1999, c.232 (C.19:53C-1). The voter shall complete the provisional ballot and affirmation statement, place the ballot in the envelope, seal and return it to the district board member. The board member shall review the information in the affirmation statement for completeness before forwarding it for inspection, tabulation and notation by the county board of elections, as provided for by sections 7 through 26 of P.L.1999, c.232 (C.19:53C-1 through C.19:53C-20). The affirmation statement shall constitute a transfer to the registrant's new residence for any subsequent election. However, if the voter has moved from one residence to another within the same election district at any time, the voter shall be permitted to vote in such election district at any election in the same manner as other voters at the polling place upon written affirmation by the registrant to the district board member of the registrant's change of address.

c. A voter who moves from an election district in one county to an election district in another county prior to the close of registration preceding an election shall register in the new county of residence, in accordance with the provisions of R.S.19:31-6, in order to be permitted to vote.

Amended 1940, c.135, s.4; 1941, c.165; 1944, c.251; 1945, c.75; 1946, c.149; 1974, c.30, s.10; 1974, c.51, s.3; 1977, c.89; 1994, c.182, s.11; 1999, c.232, s.3; 2005, c.139, s.13.

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