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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 19, ELECTIONS

    Chapter 31: Registration required to vote

      Section: 19:31-7: Registration by municipal clerks.

19:31-7. For the convenience of the voters the respective municipal clerks or their duly authorized clerk or clerks in all municipalities shall also be empowered to register applicants for permanent registration up to and including the 21st day preceding any election and after any such election in the manner indicated above, subject to such rules and regulations as may be prescribed by the commissioner, in counties having a superintendent of elections, and the county board in all other counties. Duly authorized clerk as used in this section shall mean a clerk who resides within the municipality and has been approved by the commissioner or the county board as the case may be. For this purpose the commissioner shall forward to each municipal clerk a sufficient supply of registration forms. The commissioners shall keep a record of the serial numbers of these forms and shall periodically make such checks as are necessary to accurately determine if all such forms are satisfactorily accounted for. Each municipal clerk shall transmit daily to the commissioner all of the filled out registration forms that he may have in his office at the time.

Amended 1940, c.135, s.3; 1945, c.36, s.2; 1952, c.60, s.2; 1956, c.28; 1966, c.83; 1967, c.73, s.2; 1974, c.30, s.9; 1994, c.170, s.3; 2005, c.139, s.12.

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