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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 19, ELECTIONS

    Chapter 52: Preparation of polling places

      Section: 19:52-3: Time allowed a voter

           19:52-3. Where a voter presents himself for the purpose of voting, the election officer shall follow the procedure as now required by this title regarding the eligibility of a person to vote. If such eligibility is established, one of the district election officers shall announce the name of the voter and permit him to pass to the booth of the voting machine for the purpose of casting his vote. No voter shall remain in the voting machine booth longer than two minutes, and having cast his vote the voter shall at once emerge therefrom and leave the polling room; if he shall refuse to leave after the lapse of two minutes he shall be removed by the district election officers. Such election officers shall ascertain the name and address of each voter in the manner now provided by law before he enters the voting machine booth for the purpose of voting. No voter after having entered and emerged from the voting machine booth shall be permitted to reenter the same on any pretext whatever. Only one voter at a time shall be permitted in the voting machine booth to vote. However, a voter shall be permitted to be accompanied into the voting machine booth by a dependent child.

Amended 1994,c.154,s.2.

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