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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 19, ELECTIONS

    Chapter 59:

      Section: 19:59-12: Request for ballots, transmittal.

          12. An overseas voter or overseas federal election voter may request, on any application form used, a ballot for all elections held during the calendar year in which the request is made and in which the voter is eligible to vote. Any instructions sent to an applicant pursuant to section 5 of P.L.1976, c.23 (C.19:59-5) shall inform the applicant that such a request may be made. If such a request is made, a ballot shall be sent in a timely manner to the voter for all such elections in which the voter is eligible to vote and by the transmission method first requested by the voter unless the voter instructs otherwise.

L.1976, c.23, s.12; amended 1993, c.73, s.11; 2008, c.61, s.13; 2017, c.39, s.8.

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