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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 19, ELECTIONS

    Chapter 6: Membership

      Section: 19:6-16: Police assigned to district boards in municipalities

           19:6-16. The commission, committee, board or official having charge of the police department in any municipality may assign one or more police officers to any district board in such municipality whenever the said commission, committee, board or official deems it necessary to do so. Any police officers so assigned shall, under the direction of the board, enforce the election laws, maintain order, peace and quiet during the hours of registry and election, and assist the members of the board in carrying the ballot box or boxes to the office of the municipal clerk after the ballots are counted. The police officers so assigned shall not assist the board by performing the duties of a board member, nor shall those police officers serve at the polling place of that district board as challengers for a party or candidate or on a public question.

Amended 1953,c.19,s.10; 1967,c.126; 1991,c.306,s.1.

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