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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 19, ELECTIONS

    Chapter 6: Membership

      Section: 19:6-24: Powers and duties of board delegated to clerk

           Wherever under the provisions of this Title any powers or duties are given or conferred upon the county boards in counties of the first class, the county board may, if it so determines, authorize or direct the clerk thereof, if there is a clerk, to perform such duties and exercise such powers under its supervision or in its absence.

The clerk of the county board in counties of the first class, if there is a clerk, shall have full power and authority in the conduct of the business and clerical affairs of the office of the county board, shall conduct the same in an impartial manner, and shall exercise full authority and direction over the employees in the office.

Amended by L.1961, c. 59, p. 550, s. 2.

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