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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 19, ELECTIONS

    Chapter 7: Appointment of challengers

      Section: 19:7-1: Appointment of challengers

           19:7-1. a. The chairman of the county committee of any political party that has duly nominated any candidate for public office to be voted for at an election by all the voters within the county or any political division thereof greater than a single municipality, or where the election is within and for a single municipality only, or any subdivision thereof, then the chairman of the municipal committee of the political party making such nomination within and for such single municipality, or subdivision thereof, may appoint two challengers for each election district in the chairman's county or municipality, as the case may be.

b. The chairman of the county committee of each political party may also: (1) appoint two challengers to serve and exercise the powers of challengers, in each election district in the county at any primary election; and (2) appoint additional challengers for any election equal in number to the number of municipalities in the county and such challengers may exercise their powers, as provided for in R.S.19:7-5, at the polling place of any election district in the county during the time an election occurs therein.

Amended 1999,c.232,s.27.

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