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    Chapter 1E:

      Section: 13:1E-99.38: Marketing studies

           a. Of the moneys appropriated from the General Fund to the "Statewide Mandatory Source Separation and Recycling Program Fund" pursuant to section 52 of this amendatory and supplementary act, there is allocated the sum of $200,000.00 which shall be dedicated to studies of markets for recyclable materials, and of local, national and international distribution networks for recyclable materials. These funds shall be distributed by the Commissioner of Environmental Protection through the New Jersey Office of Recycling as grants to qualified colleges and universities in this State or contracts to private firms which can demonstrate the administrative and technical capability to undertake studies of this nature. Each study shall focus on a particular recyclable material, including, but not limited to, automobile tires, paper, and plastic beverage containers. In contracting for these studies, the New Jersey Office of Recycling shall specify that consideration shall be accorded to alternative pricing structures and marketing strategies, including so-called "negative pricing," in order to determine whether the competitive disposition and marketing of recyclable materials may be achieved through means other than traditional price structures and commodity sales and transactions.

b. The New Jersey Office of Recycling in the Department of Environmental Protection shall, within nine months of the effective date of this amendatory and supplementary act, transmit copies of the studies prepared pursuant to subsection a. of this section to the governing bodies of each county and municipality in the State. These studies shall be made available to the general public at a cost not to exceed the cost of reproduction and distribution.

L. 1987, c. 102, s. 48.

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