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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 18A, EDUCATION

    Chapter 40: Employment of medical inspectors, optometrists and nurses; salaries; terms; rules

      Section: 18A:40-12.1: Protective eye devices required for teachers, pupils and visitors in certain cases

           The board of education of every school district shall require each pupil and teacher in the public schools of the district to wear industrial quality eye protective devices while attending classes in vocational or industrial art shops or laboratories in which caustic or explosive chemicals, hot liquids or solids, hot molten metals, or explosives are used or in which welding of any type, repair or servicing of vehicles, heat treatment or tempering of metals, or the milling, sawing, stamping or cutting of solid materials, or any similar dangerous process is taught, exposure to which might have a tendency to cause damage to the eyes. Visitors to such classrooms or laboratories shall also be required to wear such protective devices.

L.1967, c.271.

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