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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 19, ELECTIONS

    Chapter 1: As used in this title.

      Section: 19:1-1: As used in this Title.

          19:1-1. As used in this Title:

"Election" means the procedure whereby the electors of this State or any political subdivision thereof elect persons to fill public office or pass on public questions.

"Fire district election" means an election to be held in and for a fire district established pursuant to N.J.S.40A:14-70 et seq.

"General election" means the annual election to be held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November and, where applicable, includes annual school elections and annual fire district elections held on that date.

"Primary election for the general election" means the procedure whereby the members of a political party in this State or any political subdivision thereof nominate candidates to be voted for at general elections, or elect persons to fill party offices.

"Municipal election" means an election to be held in and for a single municipality only, at regular intervals.

"Special election" means an election which is not provided for by law to be held at stated intervals.

"Any election" includes all primary, general, municipal, school and special elections, as defined herein.

"Municipality" includes any city, town, borough, village, or township.

"School election" means any annual or special election to be held in and for a local or regional school district established pursuant to chapter 8 or chapter 13 of Title 18A of the New Jersey Statutes.

"Public office" includes any office in the government of this State or any of its political subdivisions filled at elections by the electors of the State or political subdivision.

"Public question" includes any question, proposition or referendum required by the legislative or governing body of this State or any of its political subdivisions to be submitted by referendum procedure to the voters of the State or political subdivision for decision at elections.

"Political party" means a party which, at the election held for all of the members of the General Assembly next preceding the holding of any primary election held pursuant to this Title, polled for members of the General Assembly at least 10\% of the total vote cast in this State.

"Party office" means the office of delegate or alternate to the national convention of a political party or member of the State, county or municipal committees of a political party.

"Masculine" includes the feminine, and the masculine pronoun wherever used in this Title shall be construed to include the feminine.

"Presidential year" means the year in which electors of President and Vice-President of the United States are voted for at the general election.

"Election district" means the territory within which or for which there is a polling place or room for all voters in the territory to cast their ballots at any election.

"District board" means the district board of registry and election in an election district.

"County board" means the county board of elections in a county.

"Superintendent" means the superintendent of elections in counties wherein the same shall have been appointed.

"Commissioner" means the commissioner of registration in counties.

"File" or "filed" means deposited in the regularly maintained office of the public official wherever said regularly maintained office is designated by statute, ordinance or resolution.

amended 1947, c.168, s.1; 1948, c.438, s.1; 1965, c.213; 1995, c.278, s.13; 2005, c.136, s.1; 2011, c.134, s.1; 2011, c.202, s.24; 2017, c.206, s.1.

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