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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 19, ELECTIONS

    Chapter 13: Direct petition and primary election

      Section: 19:13-4: Contents of petition.

          19:13-4. Such petition shall set forth the names, places of residence and post-office addresses of the candidates for the offices to be filled, the title of the office for which each candidate is named, that the petitioners are legally qualified to vote for such candidates and pledge themselves to support and vote for the persons named in such petition and that they have not signed any other petition of nomination for the primary or for the general election for such office. The petitions of a candidate for any State, county, or municipal elective public office shall also include a functioning campaign e-mail address for the candidate.

In the case of a petition or petitions nominating electors of president and vice president of the United States, the names of the candidates for president and vice president for whom such electors are to vote may be included in the petition or petitions, but the petition or petitions shall not include the names of any candidates for president or vice president who have been nominated at a convention of a political party, as defined by this title.

The petition shall also state in not more than three words the designation of the party or principles which the candidates therein named represent, but such designation shall not contain the designation name, derivative, or any part thereof as a noun or an adjective of any political party entitled to participate in the primary election.

The petition shall also include the request that the names of the candidates and their designations of party or principles be printed upon the ballots to be used at the ensuing general election.

No such petition shall undertake to nominate any candidate who has accepted the nomination for the primary for such position.

Each petition shall be arranged to contain double spacing between the signature lines of the petition, so that each signer thereof is afforded sufficient space to provide his or her printed name, address and signature.

Any form of a petition of nomination, other than petitions for federal office, which is provided to candidates by the Secretary of State, the county clerk, or the municipal clerk shall contain the following notice: "Notice: All candidates are required by law to comply with the provisions of the 'New Jersey Campaign Contributions and Expenditures Reporting Act.' For further information, please call (insert phone number of the Election Law Enforcement Commission)."

amended 1983, c.579, s.1; 1984, c.12, s.1; 1994, c.77, s.5; 2018, c.66, s.1.

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