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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 19, ELECTIONS

    Chapter 14: Copy for printer.

      Section: 19:14-35: Municipal clerk to member of district board; delivery by member of board to board; receipts

           The municipal clerk shall on the day preceding any such general election, deliver, at his office or in any other way that he sees fit, to one of the members of each district board within his municipality, the ballot box, the ballot box keys, the ballots, and all other equipment and supplies received from the county clerk or the county board for such election district, and in addition shall deliver to the member all other equipment and supplies as herein provided to be furnished by the municipal clerk to the district boards of his municipality for balloting at the general election, and take the receipt of the member therefor, which last mentioned receipt the clerk of the municipality shall file and preserve for one year.

The member of each district board shall on the morning of election and before the proclamation of the opening of the polls, deliver the ballot box, the packages of ballots and all other equipment and supplies by him received to the district board of which he is a member, with the seals thereof unbroken, and shall take a receipt therefor from the board, which receipt the member shall file and preserve for one year.

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