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    Chapter 34: Causes for judgments of nullity.

      Section: 2A:34-24.1: Court-orders for support, maintenance despite absence of personal jurisiction.

1. Court-ordered support, maintenance.

When a spouse or partner in a civil union couple has secured a judgment or decree of divorce, whether absolute or from bed and board, dissolution of a civil union, legal separation from a partner in a civil union couple, or of nullity or annulment of marriage or civil union, in an action whether brought in this State or elsewhere, wherein jurisdiction over the person of the other spouse or the other partner in a civil union couple was not obtained, the court may make the same orders and judgments touching the suitable support and maintenance to be paid and provided by the spouse or partner in a civil union couple, or to be made out of the spouse's or partner's property, for the other spouse or partner and their children, or any of them, by their marriage or civil union and for such time, as the nature of the case and circumstances of the parties render suitable and proper, pursuant to the provisions of chapter 34 of Title 2A of the New Jersey Statutes notwithstanding the securing of such judgment or decree.

L.1954, c.187, s.1; (title amended 1988, c.153, s.5) amended 1988, c.153, s.6; 2006, c.103, s.81.

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