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    Chapter 58: Registration of manufacturers and wholesale dealers of firearms

      Section: 2C:58-2.10: Availability of personalized handguns for purchase; posting of roster; inspections.

          4. a. Within 60 days of the first personalized handgun being included on the roster established pursuant to section 2 of P.L.2019, c.164 (C.2C:58-2.8), each licensed firearms retail dealer shall :

(1) make available for purchase at least one personalized handgun approved by the commission and listed on the roster as eligible for sale;

(2) post in one or more locations in the dealer's place or places of business in a conspicuous manner that makes them easily visible and accessible to customers:

(a) copies of the personalized handgun roster; and

(b) a sign that includes a clear and conspicuous statement disclosing the features of personalized handguns that are not offered by traditional handguns and advising customers that such firearms may be purchased through the licensed retail dealer; and

(3) accept and process orders to enable customers to purchase through the licensed retail dealer any of the personalized handguns included on the roster.

b. A personalized handgun offered for sale by a licensed retail dealer pursuant to paragraph (1) of subsection a. of this section shall be displayed in a conspicuous manner that makes it easily visible to customers and distinguishable from other traditional handguns. A licensed retail dealer shall post a sign pursuant to subparagraph (b) of paragraph (2) of subsection a. of this section in close proximity to each personalized handgun.

c. In the event that a licensed retail dealer's inventory of personalized handguns is depleted and there are no personalized handguns available for purchase on the premises, the licensed retail dealer shall:

(1) place an order for at least one personalized handgun within 21 days of the sale of the last personalized handgun;

(2) maintain written records of the retail dealer's efforts to place an order and maintain those records on the premises and allow them to be open for inspection at all times; and

(3) post a sign on the premises indicating that personalized handguns are routinely sold on the retail dealer's premises and will soon be available for purchase.

d. A licensed firearms retail dealer shall not make any claim that a handgun has been approved by the commission as meeting the performance standards or qualifying criteria for personalized handguns if that handgun is not included on the roster established pursuant to section 2 of P.L.2019, c.164 (C.2C:58-2.8).

e. The Superintendent of State Police shall designate officers to inspect the personalized handgun inventory and records of all licensed firearms retailers. The inspections shall be conducted at least once every two years at any time during the normal business hours of the firearm retailer's business.

L.2019, c.164, s.4.

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