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    Chapter 58: Registration of manufacturers and wholesale dealers of firearms

      Section: 2C:58-2.8: Definitions relative to personalized handguns; roster.

          2. a. As used in this act, "authorized user" means the lawful owner of a personalized handgun or person to whom the owner has given consent to use the personalized handgun.

b. The Personalized Handgun Authorization Commission shall maintain a roster of all personalized handguns approved by the commission as meeting the personalized handgun performance standards and qualifying criteria established pursuant to this section. The roster of approved personalized handguns shall be published on a website maintained by the New Jersey State Police and shall be updated as necessary. A copy of the roster shall be made available every six months to registered and licensed firearms dealers in this State.

c. Within one year of organizing, the commission shall develop personalized handgun performance standards and qualifying criteria which a personalized handgun shall meet in order to be placed on the personalized handgun roster.

The personalized handgun performance standards and qualifying criteria shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

(1) the handgun shall be reasonably resistant to being fired by anyone other than the handgun's authorized user as defined in N.J.S.2C:39-1;

(2) the personalized technology shall be incorporated into the design of the personalized handgun and shall be a permanent, irremovable part of the handgun and any device or object necessary for the authorized user to fire the handgun;

(3) the personalized handgun shall not be manufactured so as to permit the personalized characteristics of the handgun to be readily deactivated; and

(4) the personalized handgun shall meet any other reliability standards generally used in the industry for other commercially available handguns.

d. The commission shall recommend to the Attorney General any rule, regulation, guideline or revision thereto, or legislation which it deems necessary to establish a process by which handgun manufactures may request that their handguns be added to the roster established pursuant to this section.

L.2019, c.164, s.2.

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