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    Chapter 58: Registration of manufacturers and wholesale dealers of firearms

      Section: 2C:58-7: Persons possessing explosives or destructive devices to notify police

           a. Any person who becomes the possessor of any explosive, destructive device, or ammunition therefor, which is or may be loaded or otherwise dangerous, except such as is possessed for any lawful commercial or other purpose in connection with which the use of explosives is authorized or as is authorized in subsection d. of N.J.S. 2C:39-6, shall within 15 days notify the police authorities of the municipality in which he resides or the State Police that the same is in his possession and shall present the same to them for inspection.

b. When any such ammunition, explosive or destructive device is presented for inspection it shall be inspected to ascertain whether or not it is loaded or of a dangerous character, and if it is found to be loaded or of dangerous character, it shall be destroyed or be unloaded or so processed as to remove its dangerous character before being returned to the possessor.

c. Any police officer having reasonable cause to believe that any person is possessed of any such ammunition, explosive, or destructive device shall investigate, under a proper search warrant when necessary, and shall seize the same for the purpose of inspection, unloading, processing or destruction, as provided in this section, and the same shall not be returned to the possessor thereof until it has been unloaded or so processed.

L.1978, c. 95, s. 2C:58-7, eff. Sept. 1, 1979. Amended by L.1983, c. 479, s. 5, eff. Jan. 12, 1984.

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