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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 33, INTOXICATING LIQUORS

    Chapter 1:

      Section: 33:1-40: Municipal regulation of number of retail licenses, hours of sale, etc.

           The governing board or body of each municipality may, as regards said municipality, by ordinance, limit the number of licenses to sell alcoholic beverages at retail, but any such limitation adopted by ordinance or resolution prior to July first, one thousand nine hundred and thirty-seven, shall continue in full force and effect until repealed, amended or otherwise altered by ordinance. The governing board or body of each municipality may, as regards said municipality, by ordinance or resolution, limit the hours between which the sale of alcoholic beverages at retail may be made, prohibit the retail sale of alcoholic beverages on Sunday, and, subject to the approval of the commissioner first obtained, regulate the conduct of any business licensed to sell alcoholic beverages at retail and the nature and condition of the premises upon which any such business is to be conducted. The aforesaid limitations of number of licenses and of hours of sale shall be subject respectively to appeal to the commissioner, as hereinafter provided.

The governing board or body of each municipality may make, enforce, amend and repeal such ordinances as it may deem necessary to prevent the possession, sale, distribution and transportation of alcoholic beverages within its municipality in violation of this chapter.

The governing board or body of each municipality may, by ordinance, enact that no more than one retail license shall be granted to any person in said municipality and that said license shall cover only the licensed premises; but nothing herein contained shall operate to disqualify a guardian, executor, administrator, trustee, receiver, or any other fiduciary or court officer from obtaining or from holding more than one such license in different official capacities.

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