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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 45, PROFESSIONS AND OCCUPATIONS

    Chapter 9: State Board of Medical Examiners; advisory committee.

      Section: 45:9-37.108: Duties of board, committee relative to continuing education requirements.

15. a. The board or committee, if so delegated by the board, shall:

(1) approve only continuing professional education programs as are available to all perfusionists in this State on a reasonable nondiscriminatory basis. Programs may be held within or without this State, but shall be held so as to allow perfusionists in all areas of the State to attend;

(2) establish standards for continuing professional education programs, including the specific subject matter and contents of courses of study;

(3) accredit education programs offering credits toward the continuing education requirements; and

(4) establish the number of credits of continuing professional education required by each applicant for license renewal. Each credit shall represent or be equivalent to one hour of actual course attendance.

b. If any applicant for renewal of registration completes a number of credit hours in excess of the number established pursuant to paragraph (4) of subsection a. of this section, the excess credits may, at the discretion of the board, in consultation with the committee, be applicable to the continuing education requirement for the following biennial period, but not thereafter.


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