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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 45, PROFESSIONS AND OCCUPATIONS

    Chapter 9: State Board of Medical Examiners; advisory committee.

      Section: 45:9-37.112: Findings, declarations relative to genetic counselors.

2. The Legislature finds that: the profession of genetic counseling has existed for more than 30 years. Genetic counseling is a communication process which deals with the human problems associated with the occurrence, or the risk of occurrence, of a genetic disorder, birth defect, or intellectual disability in a family. This process involves an attempt by one or more appropriately trained individuals to help an individual or family: comprehend the medical facts, including the diagnostic, probable course and available management of a disorder, as well as the risk of occurrence in specified relatives; understand the options for dealing with the risk of recurrence; choose the course of action that seems appropriate to that individual or family in view of the risk and the family goals and to act in accordance with that decision; and make the best possible adjustment to the disorder in affected family members and to the risk of occurrence or recurrence of the disorder.

The Legislature further finds that: the profession of genetic counseling profoundly affects the lives of the people of New Jersey; and informed individual decisions to undergo a genetic test and intellectually sound and emotionally healthy responses to the discovery of a genetic anomaly can be facilitated by professional genetic counseling; however, misuse of those same genetic tests or information used for individual decisions may result in inappropriate decision making, loss of privacy, discrimination, inappropriate medical referrals, and unnecessary emotional distress.

The Legislature declares, therefore, that this act is intended to protect the people of New Jersey by setting standards of qualification, education, training and experience for those persons seeking to practice and be licensed as genetic counselors and by promoting high standards of professional performance for those presently practicing as genetic counselors and for those who will be licensed to practice genetic counseling in the State.

L.2009, c.41, s.2; amended 2010, c.50, s.76.

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