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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 45, PROFESSIONS AND OCCUPATIONS

    Chapter 9: State Board of Medical Examiners; advisory committee.

      Section: 45:9-37.60: Construction of act

           10. The provisions of this act shall not be construed to prevent the following provided that no word, letter, abbreviation, insignia, sign, card or device is used to convey the impression that the person rendering the service is a licensed occupational therapist or occupational therapy assistant:

a. Any person licensed to practice in this State under any other law from engaging in the practice for which he is licensed;

b. Any person employed as an occupational therapist or occupational therapy assistant by the federal government, if the person provides occupational therapy services solely under the direction or control of the organization by which he is employed;

c. Any person pursuing a course of study leading to a degree or certificate in occupational therapy at an accredited or approved educational program if the pursuit is part of a supervised course of study and if the person is designated by a title which clearly indicates status as a student or trainee;

d. Any person fulfilling the supervised fieldwork experience requirements of sections 11 and 12 of this act, if the activities and the services are a part of the experience necessary to meet the requirements of those sections;

e. Any person performing occupational therapy services in this State if those services are performed for no more than 60 days in a calendar year in association with an occupational therapist licensed pursuant to this act provided that the person is regulated by the laws of another state which has regulatory requirements which are equivalent to those of this State.


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