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    Chapter 12:

      Section: 5:12-12: "Casino service industry enterprise."

12. "Casino Service Industry Enterprise" -- Any vendor offering goods or services which directly relate to casino or gaming activity or Internet gaming activity, including gaming equipment and simulcast wagering equipment manufacturers, suppliers, repairers and independent testing laboratories, or any vendor providing to casino licensees or applicants goods and services ancillary to gaming activity, including, without limitation, junket enterprises and junket representatives, holders of casino hotel alcoholic beverage control licenses, lessors of casino property not required to hold a casino license pursuant to section 82 of P.L.1977, c.110 (C.5:12-82), licensors of authorized games, and suppliers of Internet gaming software or systems, and vendors who manage, control or administer the Internet games or the bets or wagers associated with the games. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any form of enterprise engaged in the manufacture, sale, distribution, testing or repair of slot machines within New Jersey, other than antique slot machines as defined in N.J.S.2C:37-7, shall be considered a casino service industry enterprise for the purposes of this act regardless of the nature of its business relationship, if any, with casino applicants and licensees in this State.

For the purposes of this section, "casino applicant" includes any person required to hold a casino license pursuant to section 82 of P.L.1977, c.110 (C.5:12-82) who has applied to the division for a casino license or any approval required under P.L.1977, c.110 (C.5:12-1 et seq.).

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