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    Chapter 12:

      Section: 5:12-129: Supplemental sanctions.

129. Supplemental Sanctions.

a. In addition to any penalty, fine or term of imprisonment authorized by law, the division shall, after appropriate hearings and factual determinations, have the authority to impose the following sanctions upon any person licensed or registered pursuant to this act:

(1) Revoke the license or registration of any person for the conviction of any criminal offense under this act or for the commission of any other offense or violation of this act which would disqualify such person from holding his license or registration;

(2) Revoke the license or registration of any person for willfully and knowingly violating an order of the division directed to such person;

(3) Suspend the license or registration of any person pending hearing and determination, in any case in which license or registration revocation could result;

(4) Suspend the operation certificate of any casino licensee for violation of any provisions of this act or regulations promulgated hereunder relating to the operation of its casino or, if applicable, its simulcasting facility, or both, including games, internal and accountancy controls and security;

(5) Assess such civil penalties as may be necessary to punish misconduct and to deter future violations, which penalties may not exceed $20,000 in the case of any individual licensee or registrant, except that in the case of a casino licensee the penalty may not exceed $100,000;

(6) Order restitution of any moneys or property unlawfully obtained or retained by a licensee or registrant;

(7) Enter a cease and desist order which specifies the conduct which is to be discontinued, altered or implemented by the licensee or registrant;

(8) Issue letters of reprimand or censure, which letters shall be made a permanent part of the file of each licensee or registrant so sanctioned; or

(9) Impose any or all of the foregoing sanctions in combination with each other.

b. The division's imposition of any fine, penalty, or sanction pursuant to this section shall be appealable to the commission, except that in no case shall the division's decision to enter into a settlement agreement which results in the imposition of a fine, penalty, sanction or any combination thereof be subject to review by the commission.

L.1977, c.110, s.129; amended 1981, c.503, s.20; 1993, c.292, s.32; 2011, c.19, s.86.

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