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    Chapter 12:

      Section: 5:12-130.3: Compensation of conservators and others

           Compensation of Conservators and Others. In any proceeding pursuant to section 31 of P.L.1978, c.7 (C.5:12-130.1), the commission shall, upon the appointment of a conservator, establish a reasonable rate of compensation for the services, costs and expenses in the conservatorship action of the conservator. The commission shall also designate the party or parties responsible for the payment of compensation to the conservator and shall direct that the responsible party or parties guarantee payment in such manner as the commission shall deem appropriate. The rate of compensation payable to the attorney for the conservator, the appraiser, the auctioneer, the accountant and such other persons as the commission may appoint in connection with the conservatorship action shall be established by the commission at the time of appointment. All requests for payment by the conservator and other persons appointed by the commission in connection with the conservatorship shall be subject to the approval of the commission, and the commission shall reduce any fee which it deems to be excessive. Fees payable to the conservator and expenses incurred in the course of the conservatorship shall have priority for payment over all other debts or obligations of the former or suspended licensee, including debts or obligations secured by the former or suspended licensee's property.

L.1978,c.7,s.33; amended 1991,c.182,s.57.

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