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    Chapter 12:

      Section: 5:12-147: Profits.

147. a. For the purposes of the application of the provisions of section 146 of this act, "profits" referred to in section 146 a.(2) for any year means total profits from cumulative investments in Atlantic City. In computing profits under this section, a licensee shall deduct from the gross income of cumulative investments in Atlantic City all operating expenses in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. There shall be included in said operating expenses (1) all annual payments pursuant to section 146 a.(1) of this act; (2) property taxes in said municipality not subject to section 146; and (3) an annual amount sufficient to amortize in equal annual installments the total cost of the investment over the life of the improvements, which in no case shall be less than 25 years in the case of real property. There shall not be included in said operating expenses or in any other account (1) depreciation or obsolescence; (2) interest on debt; (3) taxes on income; (4) losses on bad debt instruments from gaming operations in excess of the lesser of such instruments actually uncollected or 4\% of gross revenues; or (5) salaries, bonuses and other compensation paid, directly or indirectly, to directors, partners, officers, stockholders or other persons having any proprietary or ownership interest in the licensee.

b. In any year during which gross income exceeds cumulative investments as defined in section 144 d. hereof, 50\% of the profits, as herein defined, which exceed the amount equivalent to 20\% of the cumulative investments in the municipality of a licensee who shall have entered into an agreement pursuant to the provisions of section 146 hereof for such year shall be retained in a separate interest-bearing account maintained by the Treasurer, which account shall be designated "Special Casino Retention Account." All amounts retained in such account with respect to a licensee for any year may be recaptured by the licensee, provided that (1) the average annual gross income for the tax year and the two immediately preceding years is less than the cumulative investments of the licensee in casino, hotel, or other facilities in the municipality or State; or (2) the licensee, within 5 years of the date its annual tax return under this act is due, shall make cumulative investments in such municipality which shall cause the total of such investments to exceed the average annual gross income for the tax year and the 2 immediately preceding years, and which are equal to or greater than the amount of profits, as herein defined, retained in such account for the tax year.

c. In the event such licensee fails to make cumulative investments within the time specified as required for recapture of profits under this section, the profits retained in the Special Casino Retention Account shall be remitted to the Treasurer for deposit to the credit of the Casino Revenue Fund.

d. For the purposes of this section, each annual return of such licensee shall reflect the profits, if appropriate, determined on the basis of the immediately preceding calendar year. The division shall make rules and regulations for the determination of profits under the provisions of this section.

L.1977, c.110, s.147; amended 2011, c.19, s.104.

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