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    Chapter 12:

      Section: 5:12-173.17: Separate accounts within project, room funds

           9. a. The State Treasurer shall maintain separate accounts in the project fund and room fund for each casino licensee approved by the authority for a district project, and for the authority in the event the authority sponsors a district project, and shall credit to each account an amount of the moneys deposited in each fund equal to the appropriate share of revenues collected from the taxation of construction materials and retail sales and services, as provided in section 7 of P.L.2001, c.221 (C.5:12-173.15), and from hotel room fees, as provided in section 8 of P.L.2001, c.221 (C.5:12-173.16), or that amount of moneys appropriated to the funds or otherwise made available to the funds, and required to be credited to the casino licensee's or the authority's project fund account or room fund account.

b. The Director of the Division of Taxation in consultation with the State Treasurer shall promulgate such rules and regulations pursuant to the "Administrative Procedure Act," P.L.1968, c.410 (C.52:14B-1 et seq.) as are necessary to govern the administration of the project fund and room fund for the purposes of P.L.2001, c.221 (C.5:12-173.9 et al.). In addition, the Director of the Division of Taxation and the Director of the Division of Revenue are authorized to prescribe forms and procedures and to require any person to provide any information necessary to enforce and administer the provisions of this act.

c. The amount necessary to provide for tax collection, administrative and enforcement costs incurred by the Division of Taxation and the Division of Revenue, to meet the requirements of P.L.2001, c.221 (C.5:12-173.9 et al.) shall be annually appropriated from the project fund and the room fund, subject to the approval of the Director of the Division of Budget and Accounting in the Department of the Treasury.


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