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    Chapter 12:

      Section: 5:12-212: Division approval of internal controls prior to state of emergency.

5. In order for a casino licensee to conduct casino and simulcast operations during a state of emergency as authorized in section 4 of P.L.2008, c.23 (C.5:12-211), it shall create, maintain, and file with the division internal controls prior to the state of emergency, which shall become effective only during the state of emergency, that contain, without limitation:

a. Procedures for the casino licensee and its employees to report any violation of a statute or regulation to the casino licensee's chief legal officer and audit committee executive, who shall report any such violations to the Governor immediately and to the commission and division when the state of emergency ceases.

b. Procedures for the casino licensee to engage a certified public accountant to perform the following functions during the state of emergency:

(1) Act in the capacity of the division whenever the presence of an employee of the division is normally required to perform an activity;

(2) Perform any other functions in accordance with instructions issued by the division prior to the state of emergency; and

(3) Maintain a written record of all activity performed.

c. Procedures for the surveillance department of the casino licensee to record any activity that involves the participation of the certified public accountant and to provide the recordings to the division when the state of emergency ceases.

d. Procedures for providing any evidence of tampering or cheating that occurs during the state of emergency to the certified public accountant, who shall preserve such evidence for the division.

e. Procedures to ensure that a designee of the casino licensee's chief legal officer is available at all times to receive any complaint from the public relating to the conduct of casino operations. Any such patron complaint shall be forwarded to the chief legal officer, who shall promptly file it with the division when the state of emergency ceases.

f. Procedures for withholding the payment of slot machine jackpots greater than $75,000 during the state of emergency, which shall be posted in the casino advising patrons of the temporary jackpot payout procedures. Such procedures shall include, without limitation, issuance of a written receipt to the winning patron and withholding payment of the jackpot until the state of emergency ceases and the division has had the opportunity to inspect the slot machine on which the jackpot was won.

g. Procedures for staffing both the surveillance and casino security departments with at least one additional officer at all times during the state of emergency.

L.2008, c.23, s.5; amended 2011, c.19, s.120.

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