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    Chapter 12:

      Section: 5:12-223: Agreements; fees, use.

9. a. If the not-for-profit corporation is unable to perform its obligations under an agreement with the authority, or Convention Center Division, or if the agreement is terminated, as provided under that section, and is not renewed, the authority shall assess a fee payable by each casino licensee for the State fiscal year, for a period of five State fiscal years. The fee assessed under this subsection shall be in proportion to the casino licensee's gross revenues generated in the fiscal year preceding the assessment. The total fees assessed collectively upon all casino licensees shall be no less than $30,000,000 for each State fiscal year for which the fees are assessed.

b. Such fees shall be used exclusively to facilitate the development of the tourism district, enhance the cleanliness and safety of the tourism district, and fund the marketing efforts of the authority or of the Convention Center Division, as the case may be, concerning tourism in the district.

L.2011, c.18, s.9; amended 2013, c.27, s.31.

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