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    Chapter 12:

      Section: 5:12-76.1: Internet gambling public awareness campaign.

1. a. The Director of the Division of Gaming Enforcement, in consultation with the Casino Control Commission, shall establish an Internet gambling public awareness campaign in order to promote awareness among the general public of issues relating to Internet gambling.

b. The public awareness campaign shall include the development and implementation of public awareness and outreach efforts to inform the public about Internet gambling, including, but not limited to, the following subjects:

(1) the legal status of Internet gambling in New Jersey;

(2) the fact that Internet gambling is unregulated by New Jersey, and that the fairness and integrity of Internet gambling cannot be guaranteed by the State;

(3) the risks of being defrauded of potentially large amounts of money when gambling on the Internet;

(4) the risks of identity theft when using personal identification or financial information to gamble on the Internet;

(5) special risks for underage and problem gamblers when gambling on the Internet; and

(6) access to services for problem gamblers, including contact information for the Council on Compulsive Gambling.

c. The director shall coordinate the efforts of the division with any activities being undertaken by other State agencies to provide information to the public about Internet gambling.

d. The director, within the limits of funds available for this purpose, shall seek to utilize both electronic and print media, and may prepare and disseminate such written information as the director deems necessary to accomplish the purposes of this act.

e. The division shall make available electronically on its website in both English and Spanish information about Internet gambling as described in subsection b. of this section.

f. The director may accept, for the purposes of the public awareness campaign, any special grant of funds, services, or property from the federal government or any of its agencies, or from any foundation, organization or other entity.

g. The director shall report to the Governor and the Legislature, no later than 18 months after the effective date of this act, on the activities and accomplishments of the public awareness campaign.


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