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    Chapter 12:

      Section: 5:12-80.2: Increase of casino space by small-scale, staged casino facility; special amenities.

2. a. Notwithstanding the provisions of P.L.1977, c.110 (C.5:12-1 et seq.) to the contrary, a small-scale casino facility and a staged casino facility licensed pursuant to section 1 of P.L.2010, c.115 (C.5:12-80.1), may be permitted to increase its initial casino space by 10,000 square feet if the facility develops 40,000 square feet of special amenities at the casino facility, except that at no time during the period of small-scale casino licensure or staged casino licensure, as the case may be, shall the total casino space exceed 54,000 square feet, as herein provided.
b. As used in this section, "special amenities" may include, but may not be limited to, special and unique meeting and convention space, museum, exhibit space, sports and entertainment venues, spas, treatment facilities, retail space, and themed retail, dining and entertainment venues. Special amenities shall not include casino space, facilities directly related to the function of casino space, standard restaurant or retail space, or standard meeting and convention space.
c. Any small-scale casino facility or staged casino facility that is granted additional square footage of casino space in connection with the development of special amenities pursuant to this section shall be limited to a maximum of 54,000 square feet of total casino space during the period of small-scale casino licensure or staged casino licensure, as the case may be. With respect to the casino square footage of a staged casino facility that develops special amenities during the period of staged casino licensure, the maximum 54,000 square feet of total casino space established herein shall apply during the period of staged casino licensure, and shall be calculated toward the maximum 60,000 square feet of casino space limit established under section 83 of P.L.1977, c.110 (C.5:12-83) upon conversion of the staged casino facility license to a standard casino license as provided under subsection c. of section 1 of P.L.2010, c.115 (C.5:12-80.1).
d. The provisions of this section shall not be interpreted to diminish or alter the requirements imposed under section 1 of P.L.2010, c.115 (C.5:12-80.1) for the construction of the specified number of qualified sleeping units by a small-scale casino facility licensee or a staged casino facility licensee.
e. The commission shall develop guidelines for small-scale casino licensees and staged casino licensees to follow concerning the types of special amenities that are qualified for the purposes of calculating the additional casino space provided for in this section.

L.2010, c.115, s.2.

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