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    Chapter 12:

      Section: 5:12-9: "Casino key employee."

9. "Casino Key Employee"--Any natural person employed by a casino licensee or holding or intermediary company of a casino licensee, and involved in the operation of a licensed casino or a simulcasting facility in a supervisory capacity or empowered to make discretionary decisions which regulate casino or simulcasting facility operations, including, without limitation, pit bosses; shift bosses; credit executives; casino cashier supervisors; casino or simulcasting facility managers and managers and supervisors of information technology employees; junket supervisors; marketing directors; and managers or supervisors of casino security employees; or any other natural person empowered to make discretionary decisions which regulate the management of an approved hotel, including, without limitation, hotel managers; entertainment directors; and food and beverage directors; or any other employee so designated by the Casino Control Commission for reasons consistent with the policies of this act.

L.1977, c.110, s.9; amended 1987, c.355, s.1; 1992, c.19, s.24; 2011, c.19, s.9.

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