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    Chapter 12:

      Section: 5:12-95.18: Reports regarding the impact of gaming through the Internet.

8. Reports regarding the impact of gaming through the Internet.

The division shall annually cause a report to be prepared and distributed to the Governor on the impact of Internet gaming on problem gamblers and gambling addiction in New Jersey. The report shall be prepared by a private organization or entity with expertise in serving the needs of persons with gambling addictions, which organization or entity shall be selected by the division. The report shall be prepared and distributed under the supervision of, and in coordination with, the division. Any costs associated with the preparation and distribution of the report shall be borne by casino licensees who have been authorized by the division to conduct Internet gaming and the division shall be authorized to assess a fee against such licensees for these purposes. The division may also report periodically to the Governor on the effectiveness of the statutory and regulatory controls in place to ensure the integrity of gaming operations through the Internet.

L.2013, c.27, s.8.

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