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    Chapter 12:

      Section: 5:12-95.22: Location of primary Internet gaming operation.

20. a. A casino's primary Internet gaming operation, including facilities, equipment and personnel who are directly engaged in the conduct of Internet gaming activity, shall be located within a restricted area on the premises of the casino hotel or in another facility owned or leased by the casino licensee that is secure, inaccessible to the public, and specifically designed to house that equipment, and where the equipment shall be under the complete control of the casino licensee or its Internet gaming affiliate, within the territorial limits of Atlantic City, New Jersey. Backup equipment used on a temporary basis pursuant to rules established by the division to conduct Internet gaming may, with the approval of the division, be located outside the territorial limits of Atlantic City, provided no internet gaming shall occur unless a wager is accepted by a casino within the territorial limits of Atlantic City, New Jersey. For the purposes of this section, a secure facility within Atlantic City that is owned or leased by the casino licensee to house Internet gaming equipment shall be considered to be part of the casino hotel facility notwithstanding that the facility may not be contiguous with the premises of the casino hotel.

b. Facilities used to conduct and support Internet gaming shall:

(1) be arranged in a manner promoting optimum security for Internet gaming;

(2) include a closed circuit visual monitoring system according to specifications approved by the division, with access on the licensed premises to the system or its signal provided to the division;

(3) not be designed in any way that might interfere with the ability of the division to supervise Internet gaming operations; and

(4) comply in all respects with regulations of the division pertaining thereto.

L.2013, c.27, s.20; amended 2014, c.23, s.2.

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