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    Chapter 5: New Jersey Racing Commission, powers, duties; definitons.

      Section: 5:5-117: Distribution of purse money.

8. Except as provided by section 8 of P.L.1991, c.411 (C.5:5-124), by the rules and regulations of the commission with respect to interstate common pools, and by a contractual agreement authorized by section 11 or section 12 of P.L.2013, c.266 (C.5:5-188 or C.5:5-189), the in-State sending track shall reserve and set aside out of the portion of the parimutuel pool to be distributed as purse money pursuant to section 46 of P.L.1940, c.17 (C.5:5-66) an amount equal to 25\%, of the amount that would be distributed as purse money pursuant to that section on the basis of the parimutuel pool generated at the receiving track. These sums shall be forwarded to the receiving track and shall be used to supplement the payment of overnight purses at the next horse race meeting to be conducted by the receiving track, except that if the receiving track is conducting a horse race meeting at the same time as the receipt of the simulcast horse races, the receiving track shall use those sums to supplement overnight purses at that horse race meeting.

L.1985, c.269, s.8; amended 1988, c.27; 1991, c.411, s.3; 2013, c.266, s.3.

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