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    Chapter 5: New Jersey Racing Commission, powers, duties; definitons.

      Section: 5:5-123: Distribution of and wagering rules for receiving track parimutuel pools merged into interstate common pools

           7. With the prior approval of the commission, a receiving track which the commission has permitted to receive simulcast horse races of national interest held at out-of-State sending tracks and to conduct parimutuel wagering thereon pursuant to section 10 of P.L.1985, c.269 (C.5:5-119) may combine parimutuel pools in this state with comparable pools at the out-of-State sending track. The types of wagering takeout, distribution of winnings and rules of racing in effect for parimutuel pools at the sending racetrack shall govern wagers placed in this State and merged into the interstate common pool. Breakage for interstate common pools shall be calculated in accordance with the law or rules governing the sending racetrack and shall be distributed between participating jurisdictions in the manner agreed to between the receiving track and the out-of-State sending track.

With the prior approval of the commission and the concurrence of the out-of-State sending track, a receiving track and receiving tracks or entities in other states other than the state in which the sending track is located may form an interstate common pool. With respect to such interstate common pools the commission may approve types of wagering, takeout, distribution of winnings, rules of racing and method of calculating breakage which are different from those which would otherwise be applied in this State but which are consistent for all parties to the interstate common pool.

The receiving track may deduct from wagers placed in any interstate common pool any fee to the person or entity conducting the race for the privilege of conducting parimutuel wagering on the race and costs incurred in transmitting the broadcast of the race and participation in the interstate common pool.

Any provision of law or contract governing the distribution of shares of the takeout, from wagers placed in this State in separate parimutuel pools on races run in another state, to this State as parimutuel taxes or respectively to breeder awards and to purses in this State shall remain in effect for wagers placed in interstate common pools. However, if the commission shall have approved an adjustment in the takeout rates, the distribution of the takeout within this State shall be adjusted proportionately to reflect the adjustment in the takeout rate. In addition, with the approval of the receiving track and the organization representing respectively a majority of the breeders or other horsepersons, their respective share may be modified.


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