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    Chapter 5: New Jersey Racing Commission, powers, duties; definitons.

      Section: 5:5-124: Wagering and distribution rules for sending track parimutuel pools merged into interstate common pools

           8. With the prior approval of the commission, an in-State sending track which the commission has permitted to contract with a legal wagering entity in another jurisdiction to receive horse races run live at the in-State sending track and to conduct parimutuel wagering thereon within the other jurisdiction may permit parimutuel pools in other States to be combined with its comparable wagering pools or with wagering pools established by other states. The commission may modify its rules and adopt separate rules governing interstate common pools and may establish separate rules governing the calculation of breakage for interstate common pools.

Parimutuel taxes shall not be imposed upon any amounts wagered in an interstate common pool other than upon amounts wagered in this state.

Any provision of law or contract governing the distribution of shares of the takeout from wagers placed in other states in separate parimutuel pools on races run in this State, to this State as parimutuel taxes or respectively to breeders and to purses in this State shall remain in effect for wagers placed in interstate common pools. However, with the approval of the in-State sending track and the organization representing respectively a majority of the breeders or other horsepersons, their respective share may be modified.


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