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    Chapter 5: New Jersey Racing Commission, powers, duties; definitons.

      Section: 5:5-139: Issuance of license to establish account wagering system.

           13. a. The commission is authorized to issue a license to the authority to establish an account wagering system in accordance with the provisions of this act, P.L.2001, c.199 (C.5:5-127 et seq.). A license issued pursuant to this act shall be valid for a term of one year. The commission shall issue a license only if the permit holder at Monmouth Park and the thoroughbred permit holder at Meadowlands Racetrack schedule at least the minimum number of race dates required in section 30 of this act, P.L.2001, c.199 (C.5:5-156), and it is satisfied that the authority has entered into a participation agreement with each and every person, partnership, association, corporation or authority or the successor in interest to such person, partnership, association, corporation or authority that:

(1) held a valid permit to hold or conduct a race horse meeting within this State in the calendar year 2000 consisting of at least 40 live race dates in the aggregate at the permit holder's racetrack;

(2) has complied with the terms of such permit; and

(3) is in good standing with the commission and the State of New Jersey.

An account wagering license may not be transferred or assigned to a successor in interest without the approval of the commission and the Attorney General, which approval may not be unreasonably withheld.

b. As part of the license application process, any participation agreement, or any modification to the agreement made thereafter, entered into for the purposes of this section shall be reviewed by the commission and the Attorney General to determine whether the agreement meets the requirements of this act and shall be subject to the approval of the commission and the Attorney General.

c. At the time of filing an application for licensure under this section, the authority shall submit to the commission a non-refundable filing fee in an amount established by regulation by the commission, and a certification in a form prescribed by the commission which specifies, but is not limited to, information about the operation of the account wagering system and the authority's participation therein.

L.2001,c.199,s.13; amended 2004, c.116, s.8.

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