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    Chapter 5: New Jersey Racing Commission, powers, duties; definitons.

      Section: 5:5-142: Requirements for account wagering.

16. a. A person shall not place an account wager from within this State except in accordance with this act through the account wagering licensee, and no entity, other than the account wagering licensee, shall accept an account wager from a person within this State. A person may not place an account wager unless the person has established an account with the account wagering licensee. To establish a wagering account, a person shall be a New Jersey resident at least 18 years of age.

b. The account shall be in the name of a natural person and may not be in the name of any beneficiary, custodian, joint trust, corporation, partnership or other organization or entity.

c. An account may be established by a person completing an application form approved by the commission and submitting it together with a certification, or other proof, of age and residency. The form shall include the address of the principal residence of the prospective account holder and a statement that a false statement made in regard to an application may subject the applicant to prosecution.

d. The prospective account holder shall submit the completed application to the account wagering licensee, to any account wagering participating permit holder or to a licensed off-track wagering facility or such other person or entity as may be approved by the commission. The account wagering licensee may accept or reject an application after receipt and review of the application and certification, or other proof, of age and residency for compliance with this act.

e. Any prospective account holder who provides false or misleading information on the application is subject to rejection of the application or cancellation of the account by the account wagering licensee without notice.

f. The account wagering licensee shall have the right to suspend or close any wagering account at its discretion.

g. Any person not in good standing with the commission shall not be entitled to maintain a wagering account.

h. The address provided by the applicant in the application shall be deemed the proper address for the purposes of mailing checks, account withdrawals, notices and other materials.

i. A wagering account shall not be assignable or otherwise transferable.

j. Except as otherwise provided in this act or in regulations which the commission may adopt hereunder, all account wagers shall be final and no wager shall be canceled by the account holder at any time after the wager has been accepted by the account wagering licensee.

k. For the purposes of this act and notwithstanding any other law to the contrary, all messages or orders to place account wagers received by the licensee on behalf of a participating permit holder shall be deemed made to a place within this State.

l. All persons accepting account wagers on behalf of the account wagering licensee shall do so at a location within this State.

m. The account wagering licensee may at any time declare the system closed for receiving any wagers on any race or closed for all wagering.


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