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    Chapter 5: New Jersey Racing Commission, powers, duties; definitons.

      Section: 5:5-166: Rights and responsibilities of party states.

          6. Rights and responsibilities of party states.

a. By enacting this compact, each party state:

(1) Agrees: (a) to accept the decisions of the compact committee regarding the issuance or renewal of compact committee licenses to participants in live racing pursuant to the committee's licensure requirements, and (b) to reimburse or otherwise pay the expenses of its official representative on the compact committee or the official's alternate.

(2) Agrees not to treat a notification to an applicant by the compact committee under paragraph 3 of subsection b. of section 5 of P.L.2006, c.4 (C.5:5-165) that the compact committee will not be able to process the applicant's application further as the denial of a license or to otherwise penalize such an applicant based solely on such a decision by the compact committee.

(3) Reserves the right: (a) to charge a fee for the use of a compact committee license in that state, (b) to apply its own standards in determining whether, on the facts of a particular case, a compact committee licensee should be suspended, revoked, or determined to be ineligible to participate in racing, (c) to apply its own standards in determining licensure eligibility, under the laws of that party state, for categories of participants in live racing that the compact committee determines not to license and for individual participants in live racing who do not meet the licensure requirements of the compact committee, and (d) to establish its own licensure standards for the licensure of non-racing employees at parimutuel racetracks and employees at separate satellite wagering facilities. Any party state that issues a suspension, revocation or period of licensure ineligibility to a person possessing a compact committee license shall, through its racing commission, the equivalent thereof, or otherwise, promptly notify the compact committee of that penalty.

b. No party state shall be held liable for the debts or other financial obligations incurred by the compact committee.


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