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    Chapter 5: New Jersey Racing Commission, powers, duties; definitons.

      Section: 5:5-22.2: Regulations relative to horse racing and certain wagering, commission authority.

1. Notwithstanding the provisions of any other law to the contrary, the New Jersey Racing Commission, in effectuating its responsibilities under P.L.1940, c.17 (C.5:5-22 et seq.), the "Simulcasting Racing Act," P.L.1985, c.269 (C.5:5-110 et seq.), the "Off-Track and Account Wagering Act," P.L.2001, c.199 (C.5:5-127 et seq.), and the "Casino Simulcasting Act," P.L.1992, c.19 (C.5:12-191 et seq.), and under such circumstances and for such races as the commission shall deem appropriate, shall:

a. at the request of a permitholder, allow a permitholder to offer a future wager consisting of wagering on prospective entrants for specific races, with wagering conducted in advance, one or more parimutuel pools formed and closed on dates prior to the date of the race, and all wagers considered final and no refunds paid even if, for any reason, an entrant fails to participate in the race;

b. provide that the minimum wager amount that may be placed on a horse race may be $0.10 or greater;

c. provide that, after three years following the date of purchase, unclaimed cash vouchers shall be paid 50\% to the permitholder at the location where purchased and 50\% to the purse account at the location where purchased, provided that if the permitholder conducts both harness and thoroughbred races the purse amount shall be divided equally between the harness and thoroughbred purse accounts;

d. at the request of a permitholder or the operator of a casino simulcasting facility, allow the permitholder or the operator of a casino simulcasting facility to accept a wager in advance of a race at an in-State or out-of-State sending track under a simulcast agreement without receiving a simulcast transmission thereof or displaying live video thereof when: (1) the race is to be conducted between the hours of 11:00 PM and 11:00 AM local New Jersey time, or at such other times as the commission shall permit due to extenuating circumstances; or (2) at other times, as the commission shall permit, when a racetrack, off-track wagering facility, or casino simulcasting facility is temporarily closed due to the hosting of an event at that facility that warrants the closure of that facility for a period not to exceed 24 hours, provided that a simulcast transmission of that race is received and displayed under a simulcast transmission agreement at any other racetrack, off-track wagering facility, or casino simulcasting facility in this State; and

e. allow a permitholder to pay an amount due a winning ticketholder, notwithstanding that the ticketholder is unable to produce the actual ticket, if the permitholder is able to verify independently through electronic or other means approved by the commission that the ticketholder purchased the ticket.

L.2006, c.19, s.1; amended 2011, c.48, s.1.

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