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    Chapter 5: New Jersey Racing Commission, powers, duties; definitons.

      Section: 5:5-25: Salaries and expenses of commissioners; executive directors; employees of commission; extension of civil service laws to.

           4. The commissioners shall receive no salaries but shall be allowed reasonable expenses incurred in the performance of their official duties in an amount not exceeding $5,000.00 per annum in the case of the chairman, and $3,500.00 per annum in the case of each of the other commissioners. The commission shall appoint an executive director of racing who shall be charged with the responsibility of administering all commission activities. The executive director of racing shall be appointed by the commission to serve at its pleasure and shall receive such compensation as the commission shall determine. The commission may also employ a chief inspector and such other assistant secretaries, and inspectors, clerks, stenographers, and other employees as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this act, all of whom shall have been actual residents of the State of New Jersey for at least 5 years and shall serve during the pleasure of the commission and receive such compensation and perform such duties as the commission may determine; provided, however, that no person shall be employed by the commission or hold any office or position under the commission who holds an official relation to any association or corporation engaged in or conducting horse racing or who holds stock or bonds therein, or who has any pecuniary interest therein. The provisions of Title 11, Revised Statutes, and acts amendatory thereof and supplemental thereto, shall be construed to extend to all of the offices, positions and employments mentioned in this section with the exception of the following: commissioners, executive director, assistant secretaries, chief inspector, assistant inspectors, and all special and part-time employees.

L.1940,c.17,s.4; amended 1951,c.311; 1969,c.76; 1974,c.181,s.4.

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