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    Chapter 5: New Jersey Racing Commission, powers, duties; definitons.

      Section: 5:5-46: Notice of allotment of racing dates; acceptance; bond or deposit

           At the time of allotting any racing dates to any applicant, the commission shall notify such applicant of the dates allotted which notice shall be in writing and sent by registered mail addressed to such applicant at the address stated in his application, and shall be mailed on the date such allotment is so made. Each applicant so notified shall within 10 days after the mailing of such notice of allotment or within such period of time as the commission shall otherwise direct, comply with the following conditions:

(1) File with the commission an acceptance of such allotment in the form prescribed by the commission;

(2) Execute and deliver to it in case of running and harness races a bond, payable to the State of New Jersey, in such amount as the commission shall direct which shall be sufficient to secure payment to the commission of the amounts of contributions to parimutuel pools and breaks required to be paid to the commission every seventh day of every race meeting, with sufficient surety or sureties to be approved by the commission and conditioned for the payment of all sums due and payable as in this act provided and for the observance in all respects of the provisions of this act. In lieu of any such bond there may be delivered to the commission for deposit negotiable securities in such amount as the commission shall direct as security for said payments.

L.1940, c. 17, p. 79, s. 26. Amended by L.1941, c. 137, p. 463, s. 10; L.1971, c. 85, s. 2, eff. April 8, 1971.

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