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    Chapter 5: New Jersey Racing Commission, powers, duties; definitons.

      Section: 5:5-62: Places for wagering

           42. A permit holder may provide a place or places in the race meeting grounds or enclosure at which such holder of a permit may conduct and supervise the parimutuel system of wagering by patrons on the results of the horse races conducted by such permit holder at a horse race meeting, on the results of simulcast horse races as provided by the "Simulcasting Racing Act," P.L.1985, c.269 (C.5:5-110 et seq.), or on the results of simulcast horse races as provided by section 37 of P.L.1992, c.19 (C.5:5-125), and such parimutuel system of wagering upon the results of such horse races shall not under any circumstances, if conducted under the provisions of this act and in conformity thereto, be held or construed to be unlawful, other statutes of the State of New Jersey to the contrary notwithstanding. Such place or places so provided in conformity with this section shall be equipped with such automatic ticket issuing and vending machines and with adding machine equipment capable of accurate and speedy determination of the amount of money in each pool and on each horse and the amount of award or dividend to winning patrons and displaying the same to the patrons. Such machine shall further be equipped with automatic or hand operated machinery suitable for displaying on the mutuel board across the track, in plain view of the public, the total amount of sales on each and every race and the amount of award or dividend to winning patrons.

L.1940,c.17,s.42; amended 1983,c.340,s.11; 1985,c.269,s.13; 1992,c.19,s.39.

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