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    Chapter 5: New Jersey Racing Commission, powers, duties; definitons.

      Section: 5:5-97: Racing date allocation; renewal allotment

           In granting a permit to the applicant to conduct a horse race meeting, the commission shall not be subject to any limitation as to the number of tracks authorized for the conduct of horse race meetings pursuant to any provision of P.L.1940, c. 17 (C. 5:5-22 et seq.). The permit shall set forth the dates to be allotted to the applicant for its initial horse race meetings. Thereafter application for dates for horse race meetings by the permitholder and the allotment thereof by the commission, including the renewal of the same dates theretofore allotted, shall be governed by the applicable provisions of P.L.1940, c. 17 (C. 5:5-22 et seq.). Notwithstanding the provision of any other law to the contrary, the commission shall allot annually to the permitholder, in the case of running racing, not less than 100 racing days after January 31 and prior to July 1, and in the case of harness racing, not less than 100 racing days after August 31 and prior to January 1 following, if and to the extent that application is made therefor.

L.1982, c. 201, s. 4, eff. Dec. 16, 1982.

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