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    Chapter 14B:

      Section: 52:14B-29: Designation of contact person.

4. Concerning any large, complex project having a significant potential employment or investment impact, the Secretary of State or other State officer or employee designated by the Governor pursuant to section 3 of P.L.2011, c.34 (C.52:14B-28) shall designate an employee of the Department of State from among those positions otherwise filled to act as a contact person to be responsible for assisting each business undertaking such project on an individual basis and to continue as the point of contact between that business and all appropriate government entities throughout the permit and approval application process. Concerning projects which require permits from multiple State and local agencies, the Secretary of State or the Governor's designee shall designate an employee of the Department of State from among those positions otherwise filled to guide such projects throughout the process of applying for and receiving any business permit or approval. The duties of the designated contact person shall include:

a. Developing, from the outset, a checklist of permits to which the applicable agencies agree;

b. Establishing a detailed course of actions and milestones for the permitting or approval process that shall be agreed to by the applicable agencies;

c. Reporting any impediments to, or conflicts regarding, milestones to the Secretary of State or the Governor's Designee, and promptly evaluating any disputes, delays, or other issues requiring centralized review; and

d. Coordinating as needed with the New Jersey Economic Development Authority to ensure that businesses considering investing in this State receive integrated project management of all State and local agency required permits and approvals.

L.2011, c.34, s.4.

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