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    Chapter 14F: Establishment; allocation within department of state; office defined

      Section: 52:14F-14: Definitions relative to expedited appeals in OAL.

11. As used in sections 12 through 18 of P.L.2004, c.89 (C.52:14F-15 through C.52:14F-21):

"Applicant" means any person applying for a permit pursuant to section 3, 5, 7, 9 or 10 of P.L.2004, c.89 (C.52:27D-10.4, C.13:1D-145, C.27:1E-2, C.52:27D-10.6 or C.13:1D-146);

"Ombudsman" or "Smart Growth Ombudsman" means the Smart Growth Ombudsman appointed by the Governor pursuant to section 2 of P.L.2004, c.89 (C.52:27D-10.3);

"Permit" means any permit or approval issued by the Department of Environmental Protection, pursuant to any law, or any rule or regulation adopted pursuant thereto, provided that "permit" shall not include any approval of a grant, or a permit issued pursuant to the "Coastal Area Facility Review Act," P.L.1973, c.185 (C.13:19-1 et seq.), the "Air Pollution Control Act (1954)," P.L.1954, c.212 (C.26:2C-1 et seq.), the "Solid Waste Management Act," P.L.1970, c.39 (C.13:1E-1 et seq.), or the "Radiation Protection Act," P.L.1958, c.116 (C.26:2D-1 et seq.), any permit or approval issued by the Department of Transportation pursuant to any law, or any rule or regulation adopted pursuant thereto, or any permit or approval required as a condition of development or redevelopment issued by the Department of Community Affairs pursuant to any law or any rule or regulation adopted pursuant thereto;

"Person" means any individual, corporation, company, partnership, firm, association, owner or operator of a treatment works, political subdivision of this State, or State or interstate agency; and

"Smart growth area" means an area designated pursuant to P.L.1985, c.398 (C.52:18A-196 et seq.) as Planning Area 1 (Metropolitan), Planning Area 2 (Suburban), a designated center, or a designated growth center in an endorsed plan; a smart growth area and planning area designated in a master plan adopted by the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission pursuant to subsection (i) of section 6 of P.L.1968, c.404 (C.13:17-6); a growth area designated in the comprehensive management plan prepared and adopted by the Pinelands Commission pursuant to section 7 of the "Pinelands Protection Act," P.L.1979, c.111 (C.13:18A-8); an urban enterprise zone designated pursuant to P.L.1983, c.303 (C.52:27H-60 et seq.) or P.L.2001, c.347 (C.52:27H-66.2 et al.); an area determined to be in need of redevelopment pursuant to sections 5 and 6 of P.L.1992, c.79 (C.40A:12A-5 and 40A:12A-6) and as approved by the Department of Community Affairs; or similar areas designated by the Department of Environmental Protection.


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