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    Chapter 14F: Establishment; allocation within department of state; office defined

      Section: 52:14F-16: Smart Growth Unit established in OAL.

13. a. There is hereby established within the Office of Administrative Law a Smart Growth Unit consisting of administrative law judges having expertise in the matters heard pursuant to this section. All cases transmitted to the Office of Administrative Law pursuant to this section shall be assigned to and adjudicated by the administrative law judges in the Smart Growth Unit.

b. The Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate shall appoint administrative law judges to the Smart Growth Unit. Administrative law judges appointed to the Smart Growth Unit shall have expertise in the relevant subject areas pertaining to P.L.2004, c.89 (C.52:27D-10.2 et al.) and shall be subject to the terms of appointment and employment set forth in sections 4 and 5 of P.L.1978, c.67 (C.52:14F-4 and C.52:14F-5). The Director of the Office of Administrative Law and Chief Administrative Law Judge shall assign an administrative law judge as the assignment judge for the unit.


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