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    Chapter 14F: Establishment; allocation within department of state; office defined

      Section: 52:14F-8: Administrative Law jurisdictional exclusions *Text of section operative until Dec. 31, 1987

           Unless a specific request is made by the agency, no administrative law judge shall be assigned by the director to hear contested cases with respect to:

a. The State Board of Parole; the Public Employment Relations Commission; the Division of Workers' Compensation; the Division of Tax Appeals; or the management or operation by any agency of a State custodial, penal or correctional institution or program, insofar as the acts of the agency relate to the internal affairs of the institution or program unless the sanctions arising from a single incident involve the loss of 365 days or more of time credits awarded pursuant to R.S. 30:4-140.

b. Any matter where the head of the agency, a commissioner or several commissioners are required to conduct or determine to conduct the hearing directly and individually.

L. 1978, c. 67, s. 10. Amended by L. 1985, c. 94, s. 1.

For text of section operative Dec. 31, 1987, see s. 52:14F-8, post

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