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    Chapter 17B: Establishment of department; "the department" defined

      Section: 52:17B-203: Powers, duties of Attorney General.

8. a. The Attorney General shall provide written approval or disapproval of a petition or a proposed contract furnished by a joint negotiation representative pursuant to section 7 of this act no later than 30 days after receipt of the petition or proposed contract, as applicable. If the Attorney General fails to provide written approval or disapproval within this time period, the joint negotiation representative may petition a court of competent jurisdiction for an order to require the Attorney General to take such action. If the Attorney General disapproves the petition or the proposed contract, he shall forward a written explanation of any deficiencies therein to the joint negotiation representative along with a statement of the specific remedial measures by which those deficiencies may be corrected.

A joint negotiation representative shall not engage in negotiations with a carrier over any contractual term or condition unless the petition furnished by the joint negotiation representative has been approved in writing by the Attorney General, nor shall a proposed contract between two or more independent physicians or dentists and a carrier be implemented unless the Attorney General has approved the contract.

b. The Attorney General shall approve a petition or a proposed contract furnished by a joint negotiation representative pursuant to section 7 of this act if the Attorney General determines that the petition or proposed contract demonstrates that the benefits which are likely to result from the proposed joint negotiations over a contractual term or condition or the proposed contract, as applicable, outweigh the disadvantages attributable to a reduction in competition that may result from the proposed joint negotiations. In making his determination, the Attorney General shall consider physician or dentist distribution by specialty and its effect on competition in the geographic service area of the carrier.

c. The Attorney General's written approval of a petition which is furnished by a joint negotiation representative under section 7 of this act shall be effective for all subsequent negotiations between the joint negotiation representative and the identified carrier, subject to the provisions of subsection c. of section 7 of this act.

d. In the case of a petition submitted pursuant to subsection a. of section 7 of this act, the Attorney General shall notify the carrier of the petition and provide the carrier with the opportunity to submit written comments within a specified time frame that does not extend beyond the date by which the Attorney General is required to act on the petition.

L.2001,c.371,s.8; per s.15, act expires April 8, 2008.

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