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    Chapter 17B: Establishment of department; "the department" defined

      Section: 52:17B-3.1: Appointment of certain assistant deputy Attorneys General to permanent positions in classified service without competitive examination

           Assistant deputy Attorneys General in the Division of Law in the Department of Law and Public Safety not exceeding 6 in number at any one time may be appointed by the Attorney General to permanent positions in the classified service without competitive examination from among those assistant Attorneys General and deputy Attorneys General who have served at least 5 years in the aggregate in such capacities. Assistant deputy Attorneys General shall devote their entire time to the performance of their duties in the Division of Law and shall not be removed from such positions except in the manner provided under the provisions of Title 11 of the Revised Statutes relating to permanent employees in the classified service.

L.1966, c. 152, s. 1, eff. June 18, 1966.

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