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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 54, TAXATION

    Chapter 39:

      Section: 54:39-113: Tax exemption for certain sales; documentation from seller required.

13. The exemption under section 12 of P.L.2010, c.22 (C.54:39-112) for sales of fuel sold for use by the United States or any agency or instrumentality thereof and fuel sold for use by the Government of this State, or of any political subdivision of this State or to any department or agency of any of those governments for official use of those governments in motor vehicles, motor boats, or other implements owned or leased by this State or any political subdivision or agency thereof, or to fuels sold at retail to diplomatic missions and diplomatic personnel under a program administered by the director and predicated upon the United States Department of State, Office of Foreign Missions (or its successor office), national tax exemption program shall be claimed as follows:

a. The seller shall obtain from the purchasing entity a certificate in such form as the director may by regulation prescribe signed by the purchasing entity listed in this section setting forth:

(1) The name and address of the purchasing entity;

(2) The quantity of each type of fuel, or if the certificate is for all the fuel purchased by the purchasing entity, the certificate shall be for a period as the director may by regulation prescribe, but not to exceed four years;

(3) The exempt use of the fuel;

(4) The name and address of the seller from whom the fuel was purchased;

(5) The federal employer identification number of the purchasing entity; and

(6) A statement that the purchasing entity understands that the fraudulent use of the certificate to obtain fuel without paying the tax levied pursuant to P.L.2010, c.22 (C.54:39-101 et al.) shall result in the purchaser paying the tax, with penalties and interest, as well as such other penalties provided by P.L.2010, c.22 (C.54:39-101 et al.);

b. The seller, having obtained from the purchasing entity the certificate, which the seller shall retain for a period of not less than four years, shall be eligible for a deduction or to claim a refund of any taxes paid pursuant to P.L.2010, c.22 (C.54:39-101 et al.); and

c. If the sale of fuel to the purchasing entity occurs at a fixed retail pump available to the general public, the seller, having made the sale to the purchasing entity without the tax, may apply for a refund from the director by submitting the application and supporting documentation as the director shall reasonably prescribe. However, if the purchase is charged to a fleet or government fueling credit card, or to an oil company credit card issued to the purchasing entity, the party extending the credit shall be deemed the seller and may bill the purchasing entity without the tax and seek a refund, or use the provisions of this section.

L.2010, c.22, s.13; amended 2010, c.79, s.12.

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